Lock Users From Running An App On Older iOS Devices

Do you have an app that takes so much resources and power that you’d rather just not support an older iOS device? It’s not recommended (since these users will feel left out), but it is possible.

Where It’s Used

I first discovered this problem when downloading SoulCalibur, which is a universal application. I noticed it was on my iPhone 4, but not my iPad 1. While trying to install it manually from the app store, I found out why:

Front Facing Camera Error

Well, after paying some money for this app, I was somewhat upset. I feel it’s somewhat misleading since SoulCalibur doesn’t use any of the cameras in the game, let alone the front facing one.

What the Real Issue Is

Why is this happening if the game doesn’t even use a camera?


If you’ve ever tried playing a newer game on an older computer, you’d notice how slow and/or choppy the video was. The iPad 1 is technically old, in iOS device years, and if you had the ability to run SoulCalibur on the iPad 1 it would most likely be unplayable. It would get horrible reviews, it wouldn’t sell as many units, etc.

Create Your Own “Front Facing Camera” App

Start by creating a new project in Xcode, choose a single view project for simplicity.

New Project

I called it “NoOldDevicesAllowed“, but you can call it whatever you want.

Project Name

Go ahead and navigate to the name named “NoOldDevicesAllowed-Info.plist“. Under the entry “Required device capabilities” we simply add the string “front-facing-camera” underneath it. This is all that is required to make this app not run on your iPad 1, iPhone 3GS, etc.

Front Facing Camera Entry

If you try running this on an iPad 1 in the debugger, you’ll notice it compiles then immediately finishes. Do the same with an iPad 2 or iPhone 4 and it will run just fine since they have front facing cameras.

Congrats! You just blocked users from using apps on older devices.

Many Ways To Skin a Cat

The “front-facing-camera” entry is only one of many of the requirements you can add to your app. The entire list can be viewed in Apple’s documentation under the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities section.

A few interesting ones:

  • telephony – Must be an iPhone
  • gyroscope – Must have a gyroscope (iPhone 4, iPad 2, etc.)
  • opengles-2 – Must have OpenGL ES 2.0 or higher (great for restricting games)

To see which iOS devices have which capabilities, see this page on Wikipedia.


While restricting your apps to a limited set of users isn’t recommended, sometimes it’s necessary based on the nature of the app.

Have you ever restricted an app similar to this? How did people respond? Leave your answers and comments in the section below. Thanks again for reading!

3 Comments → “Lock Users From Running An App On Older iOS Devices”

  1. Jim

    3 years ago

    I’d be wary of requiring things like cameras without using them in your application. That seems like a good way of getting rejected from the App Store. I’d strongly recommend tying it to an actual requirement as closely as possible. Do you think your application won’t work on older devices because of high graphics requirements? Then require opengles2. In addition, you can never reduce the required capabilities once your application has been published, so if, for example, an AppleTV comes out that has no camera but does have a beefy processor, you could be stuck unable to support it for no good reason.


    • Josh Jones

      3 years ago

      I agree, and how Namco got away with it befuddles me. My only guess is using the front facing camera flag prevents one from downloading it from the app store where opengles-2 does not.


  2. Matthew Frederick

    3 years ago

    I recently downloaded an app on my iPad 1 that used the same “needs a camera” limitation. When I asked the developer about it he replied that he needed to rule out he iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touches of those eras.

    In his case the better restriction would have been requiring iOS 4.3: that rules out those devices, allows all iPads, and eliminates very few iPhone 3GS users.


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