Introducing NetWall

If you follow me on Twitter or, you might know I attended the Hackathon this last weekend were I unvailed NetWall, a billboard-style iOS client for

What is NetWall?

Netwall is an client that displays incoming posts based on a feed (personal, global, hashtag, keyword, etc) in a billboard-like manner. It’s meant to be used at events, being displayed on a projector for everyone to see what people are posting on a certain hashtag during the event, for example.

It can also be used as a slight distraction while on your desk in while your device is in kiosk mode.

NetWall On Desk

I introduced a working prototype at the Hackathon on March 2nd, 2013. No immediate release date yet, but I can tell you it will be supported on all iOS devices.

Check out the demo from the hackathon below:

More Info & Updates

To keep updated on NetWall and it’s happenings, follow the official @NetWall account on You can also follow me @joshjones on or @appsbynight on Twitter.

Thanks again for the support and ideas from all the developers at the hackathon and also to the crew for hosting a great event!

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  1. @lwdupont

    2 years ago

    This is a great app, got a demo a few weeks ago: “@appsbynight: Introducing NetWall for”

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